Thursday, November 3, 2011

MoMo Monster Editorial Illustration

St. Louis Magazine editorial illustration done for an article about a Missouri monster legend that is being turned into a movie. The Return of Momo brings the state’s one-time famous monster back to life with a new, low-budget horror flick. Momo the Monster was a mysterious hairy biped spotted near the town of Louisiana, MO in 1972. “It looked like a Bigfoot-type creature with a pumpkin-shaped head,” explains Johnno Zee, the writer/producer/director of Momo: The Missouri Monster, a horror-spoof film. Zee pays tribute to the monster’s enduring mystery with what he’s calling a “small-budget, B-movie grindhouse type of movie” featuring “Momo being pursued by a cryptozoologist Elvis impersonator.

Always a pleasure when these types of assignments show up. Here’s the original message from the art director at STL Mag... “This struck me as a topic you would be particularly good at illustrating as you generally draw lovely monsters and imagined creatures.”

Please count me in and consider me for all future monster assignments :)


JT said...

I'll take the liberty of leaving the first comment.. It sort of reminds me of Meatwad! (ATHF) I digress, it looks great.

rawtoastdesign illustration said...

Ha, I love ATHF. Got to do some promo work with them and White Castle back in my ad agency days. Nothin like gettin paid to watch the first season of ATHF for research at work :) Thanks for the comment!