Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Work / Cincinnati Magazine

I did this recently for an article in Cincinnati Magazine. It was about property values near bike trails. Homeowners near bike trails all across the country have complained that the trails would increase noise pollution and crime while decreasing property values. Turns out they were wrong...read the full article on cincinnatimagazine.com.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays from RAWTOASTDESIGN!

Things have been bustling around the factory here recently with several new illustration clients entrusting The Republic to add a little magic to their editorial spreads. Some new allies include; Time Out Chicago, Time Out NY Kids (4 illos due out in the Jan 09 issue), Cincinnati Magazine, Mainline Today, St. Louis Magazine, and 417 Magazine.

A couple album design projects are underway with two NY based bands - The Jon LaDeau Trio and The Foster McGinty Band. And as always The Quirkles are keepin' RTD plenty busy also. Two new products are in development/design stages and are slated for an early spring release date which can be read more about in this months newsletter over at http://www.quirkles.com/e-newsletter/000122008/index.htm.

In Spirit of the Holiday season we're offering up a couple print specials as well. All online print orders will receive a FREE 8"x10" print of their choice. Pretty simple...you place an order in the RTD $TORE and tell us in the Paypal comments section during checkout which print you would like us to include for FREE and we'll do just that.

We have also decided that in spirit of all the "Recession Specials" being plastered on store fronts throughout the city we would do our own Recession Web Special. We understand that times are less than great for a lot of our good friends out there right now and the last thing we want to see happen is your Christmas tree go neglected and sparse with gifts to your loved ones this year. If you've been wanting to get one of our art prints this year as a gift to a friend or even yourself and just haven't been able fit it in the ol' budget then this is definitely for you. No strings attached we'll send you a free signed 5"x7" print of your choice for bein' such a great friend to RTD. It's that simple for you...and our way of saying Merry Christmas as well. Shoot us an email at info@rawtoastdesign.com with your address and the title of the print you want and we'll ship one out to ya.

If you feel uncomfortable taking things from people for free then throw a couple bucks this way and then tell us what 5"x7" print you want. I've set up a donation link below. Any and all money contributed will be matched by RTD and then donated to planusa.org. They help kids, and we think that's great. They are a top rated organization within the charitywatch.org rankings and have met the standards of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance. Donate through Paypal HERE.

Do act quickly though! All orders need to be in by midnight this Saturday (12/13/08) in order to get them to you before Christmas. Any orders received after that date may not ship until the 30th due to a scheduled sleigh ride for RTD over the holidays.

As always, thank you all for your support and constant encouragement! Stay safe, solid, pro pictures, and please keep stopping by and eyeballin' the work!


Jesse Kuhn

Emperor, Lover, Picture Maker
The Republic of Rawtoastdesign

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IF: Similar {3}

Cats all look the same too me... I'm sure they would say the same about us though too. This is a new illustration from my aluminum trash can series titled "Squatters". Prints available here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

IF: Similar {2}

I just finished this for 417 Magazine...The article is on a turkey processing plant that was recently closed down. I actually submitted it while it was still a work in progress last week for the IF: Balloons topic, but didn't get it in til late Thursday night. Anyways, I think it works for "Similar" as well so I'm posting the final version here for it too. Hope everyone is havin a great week!

Art prints available - link

Monday, December 8, 2008


This was an illustration done for the Indypendent that accompanied an article on tenant blacklisting. Apparently if you take your landlord to court for neglecting to maintain the property that you are renting you end up going on a list (even if you win the case and the judge rules in your favor) that makes it practically impossible to ever get a lease on another apartment/home again.

I also have a few friends who swear their keys run away from them after they set them down...so to all you key chasers out there I dedicate this one to you :) Prints available here.

IF: Similar

As always, I'm lookin forward to the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story this year and threw this together for fun/promo purposes last week. It seems to fit the bill for this weeks Illustration Friday topic as well. Prints available here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

IF: Balloon

This is actually a work in progress for an editorial piece I'm working on that's not due until next week so I thought I would post it here since it fit the Illustration Friday topic too. The article is on a turkey processing plant that was recently closed down. Feedback is welcomed!

Art prints are available now as well - All Turkeys Go To heaven