Thursday, July 1, 2010

Utne Reader: Hunger

This was an illo done for the July/August issue of Utne Reader Magazine. The story was really sad, it takes the reader alongside the author while he describes what it's like living with progressive neuromuscular disability that advances to the point of no longer being able to swallow. As a result he is no longer able to eat or drink via traditional methods and is forced to take his nourishment through a stomach tube at night while he sleeps. The full story about his lust for food and the psychological impact that it has on him can be read over at - LINK. This piece was a little darker than what I'm typically commissioned for, but I'm really glad Stephanie Glaros over at Utne gave me a shot at it.

materials used: pen and ink, textures, and adobe photoshop.


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Simona said...

Thank you for this post, and I have to say I really like your blog!

rawtoastdesign said...

Thanks Simona!

artbyaleksandrabuha said...

Hello rawtoastdesign,
I really like the freshness of your work. This piece really caught my attention. Great job. Greetings from Arizona.

rawtoastdesign said...

Thanks so much for the nice note Aleksandra!