Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Editorial Illustration for Baltimore Magazine

This was an editorial illustration done recently for Baltimore Magazine. The story was about the Southside, a rum-based summer drink very popular in country clubs throughout the Baltimore area. Particularly, Elkridge and Green Spring Valley clubs have a rivalry about who makes the better drink. The story examined the “war” between the two clubs discussing who's was best. I was told that the Elkridge drink has a greenish-glow to it, because all of the mint is completely muddled in the drink and the Green Spring is more golden because it has a tangy, lemon flavor (garnished with WHOLE mint leaves). Also both have a dash of arrogance in them too...

materials used: pen and ink, textures, and adobe photoshop.


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Andrew Finnie said...

Heh, love to see work in context. How you have personified the drinks - even to the clothes and logos.

rawtoastdesign said...

Thanks Andrew!