Monday, February 1, 2010

Time Out NY Kids { IF: Focused }

This was an interesting assignment that is currently in the January issue of Time Out New York Kids. It was an article on breastfeeding, and this was part of the initial brief for the project... "We want to focus on the boobs and the babies expression. They're the most important elements." As a result, the baby ended up being quite focused on those mystical, and anatomical wonders. Everyday really is a new adventure in this profession :) Enjoy.

This weeks theme on Illustration Friday: Focused


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Sally Taylor said...

HOw funny, the sparklies on Mom's shirt really made me laugh.

Loni Edwards said...

Hi! Love this! You got the expression perfectly on the baby's face :) I really like your idea for this week's prompt.

Ren said...

Job well done. Those were the only two things I *could* focus on. hee hee. No, really. Wonderful illustration filled with personality.

rawtoastdesign said...

haha...thanks Ren!