Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Illustrations done for 417 Magazine

More from the monthly spot illo I do for the Talk of the Town section in 417 Magazine.

November: Confusion in Aisle Nine
This was an interesting topic, a new service giving grocery shoppers access to Aisle 411. This new feature lets customers call for a sort of grocery store version of directory assistance to help find their missing ingredient. They are able to call in the grocery item and then seconds later they receive the location coordinates within the store. Springfield was the first city in the world to use the service, which debuted last October at the 65 Price Cutter at National Avenue and Republic Road.

December: And the Emmy Goes to…
This illo was done for the Emmy that the Springfield news reporter, Joy Robertson took home for 2009. The one she took home was: A Mid-American Emmy. It was given to her for her work on a two-part series about midwives, called “Birthing Up Baby.” Congratulations Joy :)

January: Efficient Roads
This illo was for a new interchange that was being referred to as one of the most powerful and greenest innovations of 2009. The interchange, called a diverging diamond, was the first of its kind in the United States. The new overpass leads drivers on a path that—while it is quick and easy once you get the hang of it—sends them driving on the left side of the road, a first for most American motorists. The diverging diamond allows more than twice as many left turns per hour than most interchanges—a total of about 600 turns. Nice work Springfield...keep on, keepin' it green.


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