Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Year In Review: STL Mag

Illustration done for the St. Louis Magazine December 2009 issue. It was for a year in review article that didn't have a very long list of "great" news to highlight (job losses, political scandals, downtown turnaround, recessionary real estate, changes in crime, etc.). I liked the theme, "just keeping afloat," since it seemed to be a common goal for many businesses/people nationally in 2009.

This month marks my one year anniversary with St. Louis Magazine too :) Big thanks to Kevin and Danny for all the opportunities to illustrate for the magazine this year. Thanks to everyone else over there too for producing a great mag and continuing to commission and support illustrators through 2009!


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bitsOfBobs said...

I love the colours. The finish is lovely.

rawtoastdesign said...