Friday, October 9, 2009

Time Out NY Magazine

Here's the illo that was done for this weeks issue of Time Out NY in the Own This City section. This particular story covers Open House NY, which is a city-wide event that opens the doors of private buildings, institutions, etc. that are usually closed to the public.

The idea was a through-the-keyhole, Alice in Wonderland type of landscape including several of the open house elements within it...Woolworth Building, Grand Masonic Lodge, The Lilac Dances, and the famous little Tom Otterness characters from the 14th St subway all running throughout it.

Check it out on page 35 if you get a copy or you can read the Own This City section here on their website too -

Big "thanks" to Allison over at TONY too for bringing me in on this :)

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BigEyes World said...

I love the idea and it looks great! A very good job.

Emily said...

Great image! I love those kinds of open houses... last time we had one here I got to visit these amazing formerly military tunnels under Stockholm!

rawtoastdesign said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to make it out to any of the open houses, maybe next year. Thanks for the comments!