Thursday, October 8, 2009

August Print Winners Announced

Congratulations to Amandine she is now an official owner of a Steve Was Not Double-Jointed print. Also to Jeannie who chose a Let the Horns Blow print. RTD was a month behind on this one which is why two winners were chosen (we're taxed one winner per month that we're late on the draw here at The Republic of RTD). September winner TBA very soon!

Details on how to enter for a chance to get yours below...


Wanna win some FREE art for you walls? Sign up for the RTD mailing list and be entered that month for a FREE, signed, 5"x7" art print of your choice. You'll also be entered for the grand prize - a full sized 16"x20" limited edition, signed and numbered print that will be given away at the end of the year. I'll even pay for the postage too, so you've got nothing to lose. Sign up HERE.

You can see what prints are currently available HERE.


March : Ojay - Tiny Pimp

April : Juana - Gardener On Potato Island

May : Alissa - Poor Little Calamari, Elvina - Robot Pirate, Toby - Unlikely Lovers, and Ann - Tiny Pimp

June : Wendi - Unlikely Lovers, Daniel - A Beacon Of Hope, and Alex - Thirst

July : Giselle - Fly Fishing

August : Amandine - Steve Was Not Double-Jointed, Jeannie - Let the Horns Blow

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