Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monday Artday: (american) THIRST

I just joined the Monday Artday group and this weeks theme was "thirst" I seem to be gravitating towards using these floating heads with hats lately. Went with the good ol' trusty beer helmet and since it had American undertones I went ahead and supersized it by adding a couple more can holsters. Anyways, this was the final piece and my take on the topic.

Medium: pen & ink / digital color


Thought I'd give everyone a look at how I create an illustration in case any of you were interested.

1. I begin by scanning in my pen & ink drawing and cleaning it up in Photoshop.
2. I then build up a gray scale version, blocking out the different areas for color.
3. The gray scale file is then converted to color and I begin to establish my palette.
4. Shadows and highlights are added.
5. Shadows and highlights are tweaked and slightly adjusted. Some spot textures are introduced... and that's it, done! Enjoy

Prints: signed and numbered (16x20 and 8x10) available through RAWTOASTDESIGN.

This print is also available through Etsy.


Josh (musarter) said...

Perfect entry for thirst. You got my vote. I also really like your Bonaroo picture. Nice Plymton video too.

Raluca C said...

I never had the chance to work in Photoshop,but soon I will,that´s why I´m very glad all the time,and I look carefully when I see described process like you´ve done here:i did´nt know,for example, it help to have the picture in grey scale before coloring .Thanks for shareing and by the way:nice picture!!Will give a cool touch to any wall!!