Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IF: Multiple

This one is for an older IF topic: Multiple. I missed a few and am trying to get caught up. I cropped an illustration that I just finished the other day that I thought fit the category. Going to try and really start committing to Illustration Friday, been busy with many other things... fingers crossed.
Medium: pen & ink / digital color


cathy june said...

very cute little birds. i like composition and colors too.

Kstyles said...

These birdies are very cute! I love the expressions on their faces.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the second from the left, popping out like he's afraid he's missing something interesting.

Anonymous said...

i like all them birdies, and their craggily tree!!

super faboo!

a : )

rawtoastdesign said...

Thank you all for your comments! The actual whole un-cropped version of the illustration can also be seen here.