Friday, July 29, 2011

Art App Of RTD: Now Available On Your iPhone, iPod, and iPad Devices

I’m very excited to announce that you can officially fit RTD comfortably in your pocket with the new fresh and shiny Art of RTD app. It’s now available in the iTunes store here Please check it out, give it a spin, and leave a review (this gets you bonus points and really helps make the app more visible in the store).

I have personally handpicked this selection that showcases 36 illustrations of RTD’s most popular artwork! Every illustration includes an artist’s description and commentary about each one giving the viewer even more insight about the origin of the images. Each illustration can easily be saved as a wallpaper for your screen as well.

As always I really appreciate your support! It’s currently on sale for .99 cents, so go shake that couch, grab some quarters, nickles, and pennies, and put a little RTD magic in your pocket -

I’ve got a few extra promo codes too. So...if the number .99 is something you have phobias towards or you’re one of those “I don’t pay for apps” types. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think is hiding inside the Earth’s moon for a shot at a free download code.

Check out the Art of RTD iPhone App Video Review too.


Michelle Kondrich said...

It might be cliche, but how can the moon not be filled with delicious, triple-creme brie cheese. Can't you just picture it cracked open with cheese oozing out? Congrats on the app!

rawtoastdesign illustration said...

Thanks for the congrats and your moon filled insight Michelle. DMing you on twitter now :)

Caro's Design said...

this app looks amazing!
Can you gives more info on how this app came to life.
ps: the moon is filled with a big egg yolk. Crack it open leave it out by the sun and you get some delicious sunny side up morning egg

rawtoastdesign illustration said...

Hi Caro, thanks for the note! I've started playing around with iPhone apps, and for my first one I created this simple book app of my work. Working on some games and other visual paraphernalia to be released in the coming months. Let me know where to send your free promo code if you're still interested.