Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes of TED

I love getting sucked into the TED vortex on a rainy day here in NYC. Which is exactly what happened yesterday. I actually came across a couple great behind the scenes videos over on the iso50 blog. What started off as the typical dose of TED inspiration, unfolded quickly into a very surreal experience.

Raghava who was part of the 2010 TED conference and can be seen in the second behind the scenes video above, was actually my roommate while I was studying animation at Parsons during the summer of 2001. This was my first taste of NYC living. We were housed in a tiny bunk-loft-style room above the Blue Water Grill in Union Square with no air conditioning and jack-hammering road construction that took place late at night all summer long. He and I unfortunately lost touch after Parsons, but after seeing his talk, and realizing that the New York City tractor beam had ironically pulled us both back to the island, I tracked him down and we are now planning to get reacquainted soon.

We both have passion for inspiring and working with kids, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this conversation evolves. You can read more about Raghava on his website raghavakk.com

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