Thursday, April 29, 2010

Utne Reader’s Stephanie Glaros In 3x3 Magazine: Guest Appearance - Greetings From Mr. Bird

RTD received his copy of 3x3 Magazine yesterday, as he turned to page 5, Greetings From Mr. Bird stared back at him with a twinkle in his eye. What an awesome little surprise! Stephanie Glaros, from Utne Reader Magazine, was this months art director interview for 3x3 Mag. Four illustrations from past Utne issues were featured with the interview and Greetings From Mr. Bird just so happened to be one of them. RTD’s had the pleasure of working with Steph on multiple occasions in the past and feels honored to be recognized in the same article with her. Steph is an amazing art director and an incredible supporter of the illustration world. We are all very lucky to have in our community. Check out the article in issue 14 of 3x3 Magazine too!

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Melissa Kojima said...

I saw that in my copy of 3x3. Congrats! Yee-haw!

rawtoastdesign said...

Thanks Melissa! I was pretty stoked when I flipped to that page :)