Friday, June 5, 2009

New Work for Westchester Magazine

Some recent illos for an article titled "Doctors' Orders". The first one was the full pager that the article opened with. The first spot was for Sports Medicine on over stretching and the second spot was for Geriatric Medicine and getting your house checked for loose carpets/rugs :) This was a fun assignments, thanks Aiko! See the full article here too - LINK


Carla said...

Great illustrations!

peg nocciolino said...

These are wonderful! All of them! Especially like the rug one:)I notice that you include your copyright info at the bottom of all your illos. I like this better than blasting it across the image with a watermark. How do you do this..just type in
in Illustrator or InDesign? So it's part of the file?
BTW Congrats on winning the Bronze in CQ16. I was a runner up.

rawtoastdesign said...

Thanks you both!

Peg I actually just have a file of the copyright by itself and I copy and paste that below the artwork file quickly in photoshop before saving it for the web. I'm the same way, I think that when it's over the image it really takes away from the artwork. Thanks and congrats to you too on CQ16!