Thursday, April 23, 2009

IndyKids coloring book

This illustration was a wrap around coloring book cover for IndyKids. “Coloring Outside the Lines,” was the title and each line art spread on the interior was done by a different artist and featured examples of creative and inspiring political protest from history. The launch party is here in NYC on May 15th if anyone would like to attend - LINK.

Limited Edition - Hand Signed & Numbered Prints available!


RenMeleon said...

Beautiful work, I really enjoy your style. Your colors are so soft and appealing. Trust me, if I could be in NY in May I would be there for the opening (Good luck!), I miss the city bad. LOL

Got your note on Twitter but it gave me an error when I replied. Drop me an email at renmeleon at gmail dot com when you get a chance, would love to talk shop.

nenée said...

Lovely colors and enviroment, so peaceful^^. Traditional technique or digital? so smart! Congrats!